New and used Mitsubishi Montero for sale in the Philippines

Mitsubishi Montero: Overview

With the technological aids, car buyers needn’t arrive directly at every single dealership to inquire about current price since it’s easy to access the list of car products right at, in which there are both new and used cars’ price updated regularly by nationwide dealers. Scroll down to find out more in Mitsubishi Montero For Sale!

Montero was first unveiled several years ago in the Philippines, and it has been one of the Mitsubishi cars that Filipinos greatly favour without fail. The latest model is Montero 2019 thoughtfully crafted from inside to outside. With its sharp lines and dynamic composition, the model’s exterior symbolizes itself as the most aggressive model in the segment. Underneath is the ergonomically designed interior with black finish, slide sunroof and other essensial entertainment features, evoking a sense of luxury. Powered with engine 2.4L Clean Diesel engine with MIVEC and Innovative Valve Electronic Control system, the all-new Montero model in 2019 promises to give outstanding performance that satisfies your desire of dominating the road.

Mitsubishi Montero: All the Variants

When it comes to model variants, Mitsubishi appears on stage with 4 variants:

  • Montero Sport GLX 2WD 2.4 M/T
  • Montero Sport GLS 2WD 2.4 A/T
  • Montero Sport GLS Premium 2WD 2.4 A/T
  • Montero Sport GT 4WD 2.4 A/T

Mitsubishi Montero: How much is it?

To be more specific, let’s look through the newest generation’s price before going to full list of Mitsubishi Montero! The price range starts at 1,565,000 PHP with the base car, while it costs you 2,450,000 PHP to buy a Montero 2019 Sport GT 4WD 2.4D AT, the highest-priced in the lineup. For more new and second-hand Montero cars, don’t hesitate to get updated in Mitsubishi Montero For Sale!

Mitsubishi Montero: Pros & Cons

Discover more info about strengths and weaknesses of Mitsubishi Montero which could be taken into consideration!


  • Powerful engine
  • Excellent Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Great comfort for passengers
  • Roomy inside space with 7 seats
  • Gorgeous external look


  • Plain interior look

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