About Us

Philmitsubishi.com is an online marketplace for Mitsubishi classifieds in the Philippines. We strive to become the most trusted and efficient platform for buying and selling Mitsubishi cars online for Filipinos. Please kindly note that all listings belong to the sellers and are not properties of Philmitsubishi.com. For any queries related to availability, payment installments, financing options or terms settlement, please contact the sellers directly. The seller's contact details can be found in each listing.

Benefits for the Buyers

Our mission at Philmitsubishi.com is to become your ultimate online solution for buying new, certified and used Mitsubishi cars. Philmitsubishi.com employs a powerful design, friendly interface and highly intuitive features in order to simplify the buying process and optimize user experience. Users will have immediate access to an extensive database of almost hundreds of thousands of Mitsubishi cars for sale and thousands of new listings updated each day.

Benefits for the Sellers

Our superior SEO technology ensures that all Mitsubishi listings posted on Philmitsubishi.com will appear on top rankings of all search engine results, which means higher traffic and more exposure to your potential customers. Philmitsubishi.com also allows unregistered users to post a listing easily and conveniently, while registered users can manage your listings via a friendly, easy-to-use interface as well as enjoy additional benefits of a verified seller account.

Customer Support

Philmitsubishi.com supports multiple platforms including web, wap and mobile app, thereby allowing users to access Mitsubishi vehicles information and post a listing on any device with an Internet connection. Philmitsubishi.com cares about your experience with us, and our dedicated customer support staff are constantly making efforts to assist customers with answering inquiries and processing new listings within 24 hours.